Frequently Asked Questions

Visiting the Showroom

Our showroom hours are 9-3pm, Mondays to Fridays, by appointment only. Please email or call.

Placing an Order

1] Catalog Items

You may order any piece from our catalog or have a custom item made. To receive a copy of our catalog, please see the contact page. Most items need to be ordered and will take approximately 4-8 weeks. Smaller items such as trays, bar carts, towel racks, and valets are usually in stock.

2] Custom Orders

Please email or call regarding any custom pieces. We can customize accessories, furniture, built-in cabinetry, and other architectural components such as doors, wall converings, and balustrades.

Custom Work

We can customize furniture for your home, office, or hotel. We also make built in cabinets, lavatories, doors, handles, wall panellings, lights, and other architectural components. We work with our clients to make thoughtful pieces that complement their spaces.

Custom Services


doors and door jambs

wall paneling 



baseboards and ceiling Mouldings  

lavatory counters


door handles

cabinet pulls

bathroom accessories

Staging and Design Planning

If you're having difficulty deciding which pieces to place in that particular corner of your home, or figuring out what finish goes well with your other pieces, we offer a home-staging and design planning service where we will bring the furniture to your home so you can have a real feel of the pieces in your own living / working spaces. Our Creative Director is an architect and interior designer who has had much experience in designing residence interiors as well as work spaces.

  • The Basic Home Staging Fee is Php 15,000 per van load. This will be credited against orders of P200,000 and above only.
  • Our Design Planning services are billed per hour of service at Php 4,000/hour.

Terms and Conditions

1. Our Home Staging service is limited to the items we have available on-hand in our workshop.

2. Fees are computed per van load wherein we will try to fit as much of your requirements into one delivery.

3. Samples finishes are included in the delivery so that you can easily tag which ones you prefer.

4. Deliveries are usually scheduled in the morning, and our staff will be on hand to place and arrange the items in your home.

5. Items will be delivered by 10am and will be packed and pulled out by 3pm of the same day. 

6. Additionally, you may request for Design Planning services from our Creative Director.

Caring for Your Pieces

Our pieces are meant to last. Wipe with a damp cloth. Do not use any chemical abrasives or strong cleaning solutions. The furniture should be kept in a roofed area as exposure to rain and sunlight will cause damage.